We Have Our First #Backchannel 2.0 Baby…and She’s Beautiful

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

I hope you’ll excuse a little gushing. But I feel like a new father who has just been handed his first child and she is beautiful beyond belief.

Actually what I was handed wasn’t a baby… but it still promises to mature into something of great beauty and power. What I was handed… or more acurately “Tweeted” was our fist official submission to the #backchannel  and it is a thing of beauty.


Here is the link to the video from @PSCU_Amy I would like for you to watch this video and take note of several things.  First of all, Amy has followed the #backchannel v 2.0 instructions to a “T”. She shot compelling video of an urban garden, which she unnecessarily apologized for, she shows us how that beautiful greenery fits into the surrounding urban landscape. She interviews, quite deftly by the way, two gentlemen in charge of that garden. Her interview shines a light on their passion. She went several extra steps by superimposing the names of her interview subjects and telephone numbers. She even included a standup with the ‘outcue’ “For Channel 7’s Backchannel I’m PSCU AMY”, which I believe we ought to adopt as our standard “out” on all our submissions (except for the PSCUAmy part…feel free to use your own handle).

In short Amy has handed us a story that will educated and inspire. And she has handed me a story that will serve as a blueprint for a story that I will cover. Because of PSCUAmy, the twitterverse will become measurably better…and so will the Channel 7 viewing area… the greater Detroit area. People will see something good happening in their community because of something good happening here on the #backchannel.

I know you haven’t even voted on this story yet, whether you think it’s a worthy story. But I’m going to exercise my right as the guy who thought this up and go cover the story anyway. I hope PSCUAmy will go with me and infect me with the passion that motivated her to submit this video.

If I smoked, I’d be passing out cigars right now.

We have our first child… and she’s beautiful.



  1. Amy says:


  2. Great story Amy! It’s stories like these that need to get out!

  3. Damika Clark says:

    That was beautilful Amy! You sound as if you’ve been doing this (news reporting) all your life. You are most definitley a pro at whatever it is you do! Great job!!!

  4. jamiefavreau says:

    Great job Amy… Thanks for posting it and leading the way for the #backchannel!

  5. Deb says:

    Created a channel in my Hootsuite for you. Edge, trends & radar says I should keep the channel open for you. I’ll be back.

  6. Jane Turner says:

    Steve, I thought you did a very good job at this project. I really enjoyed watching it

  7. Alicia Smith says:

    Impressive, indeed! Way to go,
    Amy! Stephen, you and I need to
    watch out! She could be filling
    our shoes soon. 🙂 -Alicia
    #EarlyRisers #backchannel

  8. Amber Baskett says:

    This is great Amy!! Just what our city needs the rest of the world to see!!

  9. Joni Golden says:

    Michigan women ROCK – that’s all there is to it. Amy did a superb job of telling this compelling story. We need more of this, much more.

  10. Kenn says:

    What an outstanding report and look at the ‘right thing’ in Detroit. Congratulations, Amy.. congratulations, Stephen. Definitely inspiring!!

  11. PSCU_Amy says:

    Hey wait a minute, you DID get all the credit…hmmm….okay, okay – you DESERVE all the credit Stephen! #backchannel 2.0 is BRILLIANT! Gives us ALL the opportunity to voice about the AWESOME STUFF happening here in Detroit.
    Nope, never been a reporter so no worries on anyone’s job…you’re safe lol! I’m a marketing director for Public Service Credit Union – credit unions fit with me, they are “People Helping People.” Whoops, there I go again…marketing again.
    Can’t wait to see the other stories from #backchannel 2.0 reporters! I’m going out tomorrow morning to hand out another donation to another organization…not sure they will be as visual, but we’ll give it a shot.

  12. Mike McClure says:

    Wow, great job Amy. You have every reason to be stoked, Stephen! What a great start.

  13. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Amy Leahy-McGraw, Amy Leahy-McGraw. Amy Leahy-McGraw said: GREAT things happening in Detroit and thanks to #backchannel 2.0 we are getting the word out! http://bit.ly/a8NerS […]

  14. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Carla Day and CU Chat Up, Amy Leahy-McGraw. Amy Leahy-McGraw said: Today has been a GREAT day!! @sclarwxyz liked my #backchannel submission http://bit.ly/ad6CMh, & CU trade mag interviewed me about Twitter! […]

  15. Fantastic job, Amy! Way to be the first brave person to submit. This is exactly the type of story I would LOVE to see covered more in mainstream media. I know you will Stephen, but definitely share the segment once it’s done!

  16. What a cool idea! #backchannel and #backchannel 2.0 are brilliant ways to get people involved and engaged with the news!

    …I wonder if we could start something like that up here in #lovelansing…

  17. Love this energy-I’m sure that the efforts of BackChannel will revive the positivity of our communities.

  18. Shelia Harrell says:

    Amy, that was really a great story.I am touched by the story because this is my neighborhood.You are very good at marketing
    keep up the good work.

  19. KathyP-ID says:

    Way to go, Amy! It sounds like a very worthwhile project to help the community and for everyone involved to get that feeling of serving others! What a wonderful thing!

  20. […] produced media that would tell the stories of Detroit and put stories on Clark’s radar. Community generated stories were born. In a place like Detroit, the request to help find the good news means a major change […]

  21. Margaret says:

    Amy you are amazing (in a sing-song voice!) That was an incredible job. Great interviews!

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