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Here I go again.

Here we go again

Today I embark on a quest. Like Christopher Columbus set out to find the “New World”, today I set out to find the “Thin Me”. I know he’s in here. Just like Columbus had actually been to North America three times before he “discovered” America I have lost substantial amounts of weight three times. Like Columbus I hope the fourth time is a charm.

Since I’m in a historical mood today, a little history about me and weight: When I was in my 30’s I woke up one morning and decided I needed to lose weight. Ten weeks later I was thirty pounds lighter. In my 40’s I reached the same decision and ten weeks later I was forty pounds lighter. A few years ago, now in my 50’s, I rolled out of bed, hit the floor with a resounding thud and decided I needed to do it again. Twelve weeks later I was fifty pounds lighter.

Before & After

This tells you two important things about me. I’m a world-class champion at losing weight. And I suck at keeping it off.

When Carolyn and I decided to lose weight and include you, our Facebook, Twitter and TV friends I told you the journey is the destination. That’s especially true for me. When Columbus set out on his fourth exploration he knew the world wasn’t flat and he wasn’t going to fall off. I know with certainty I will reach my weight goal. My real journey begins the day I do.

I’m glad to have you aboard for this journey. I promise I will be supportive if not occasionally obsessive about it. But after we complete our journey and reach our destination… that’s when I’m going to really need your help.

Lets roll!